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Earth's orbit around the Sun and Earth's rotation

The Earth's orbit around the Sun


What does the Earth's orbit around the Sun look like?



What induces the seasons? How high is the sun over the year in different latitudes? And how would the situation change when the Earth's axis had a different slope?

Solar Time


What is the Solar Time and how long is a daytime at different places on the Earth?

Time zones


What time is currently in different cities on the Earth? View an interactive map!


The Moon, the Eclipse and Tides

Moon phases


How do the moon phases that we can see from the Earth originate?

Solar and Lunar eclipses


Explore the mechanism of the Solar and Lunar eclipse! Why does the eclipse not occur every month?

Future eclipses


When will the solar or lunar eclipse occur in the future, and where will it be observable?


Tidal phenomena


Where on the Earth does the high tide and low tide occur?

Solar System

Solar System


Take an interactive "walk" through the Solar system.

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Distances and Dimensions


Can you imagine what distances between the planets are and what dimensions the planets have? Experience a map application that will present these enormous distances and dimensions in a familiar environment.

About App

The app Earth Space Lab is designed especially for teaching the topic of the Earth as a planet at grammar or elementary schools (geography, physics). The app consists of individual learning objects that can be used independently.

This app was created by Václav Černík ([email protected]) and it's based on his diploma thesis at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in 2017. Any comments can be sent to e-mail [email protected].

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